Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kindle Fire Giveaway

I am finding myself spending more and more time with my Kindle/tablet- perfect for blogging, church lessons, reading, and having access to all things on a big screen while on the go. When asked to join forces for this giveaway- I couldn't say no! 

I'm stoked to announce the Kindle Fire HDX Giveaway!

I've joined forces with some awesome bloggers to bring you this fabulous giveaway. One lucky person will win a 16GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX 7" Tablet, valued at $229. You can enjoy blogging on the go too- or reading, or entertaining your toddler, pick your own adventure here. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Creative S'mores Bar

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Wet-Nap but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #showusyourmess

We are experiencing perfect spring/summer weather right now, and before it's too hot to go outside we knew it was time to get our group date on celebrating our favorite summer treat- s'mores. 
We wanted to shake things up with our s'mores and got a little creative with the definition of a s'more and what goes inside. 
Creative S'mores Bar

We tried all combinations, and didn't find one we didn't love! 

Best of all, companies are getting smarter, and there are now square marshmallows on the market, and square graham crackers ready to use too. These made the roasting and placing easy, so we could be creative with our type of s'more. 

I think the caramel-filled chocolate squares was both of our favorite, with the Samoa style using Almond Joy as a close second! Wait maybe Reeses...hmm, did I mention they were all good?
Chocolate carmel S'mores

The only problem is the big mess that comes from the extra carmel/chocolate/PB/ get the point. 

Luckily we'd grabbed a pack of Wet-Nap while at Walmart to help with the mess.
And bonus here, they were a great deal- .55 cents off with this coupon:

There's a good chance that they were used on hair too. I don't want to embarrass anyone, so let's just say one of the girls had to have their husband use a Wet-Nap to get marshmallow out of a wavy lock. 

We're grateful for really cool friends who also enjoy eating and socializing the night away.
 And these four happen to be the people behind the style blog Trendkin, so thanks for helping both Jacob and I up our style game friends!

And we just love these two, for more evidence of the Marisel and John love follow our Double Dates tag, they are literally every-other one!

We're thankful for good friends who make group dates such a blast and allow us to buy 36 candy bars in one grocery trip with no shame.
group date idea

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Our day was filled with family, time together, cooking, a lot of roll-baking, and religious worship. As a Christian couple, I couldn't help but look over at my husband during church and think how I have him because of Christ. I've thought a lot about writing a few more personal posts lately, and opening up about what it takes to overcome abuse and learn to love again. But for today, can I just say, that my marriage, my heart, my ability to love are all because of a Savior who suffered for us, and who died on a cross- He who overcame pain and death, and was risen from the grave. I've prayed that the Atonement could heal me, and it did. I prayed throughout my childhood to have a husband who would be my rock and my best friend. Life gave me a different path than most, but I am grateful for a loving God who supported me and answered my prayers.

Today I am thankful. Thankful for homemade rolls, Peanut M&Ms, sweet notes from the Easter Bunny, and egg hunts. Thankful for new dresses and ties. Thankful for family and friends. But oh so much more than this, I am thankful for my faith. I am thankful for knowledge. I am thankful that a spiritual presence that has shaped who I am, and given me my life.

Las Vegas Getaway: Cirque Du Soleil Mystere Show

For our final night in Vegas we saved the best for last.

We've heard nothing but good about the Cirque Du Soleil shows, and how it was a must do while in Vegas. I asked friends and family, and everyone seemed to like Mystere and The Beatles the best. Unfortunately the Beatles was not showing while we were there, but that just made our choice very easy. 

If you haven't heard of Cirque Du Soleil, let me tell you about it. This is a modern-day circus show that includes almost-hard-to-believe-they-are-real acrobatics and tightrope walking. The sheer athleticism and performance is something that stuns audiences, and thus there are eight different shows in Vegas to choose from.

Were were pretty impressed by the stage alone. 

I have to tell you my favorite part, aside from the performance, came from Jacob. There was a part where a trapeze artist messed up and fell from very high on stage while doing flips at a very fast speed. Jacob did not see the safety net below and let out the biggest gasp I have ever heard. I think the whole crowd heard it. I turned to him and he was white. He said, "I didn't see the net. I thought I was witnessing death on stage!"

I know it's dark humor, but I giggled. I mean having hundreds of people turn to look at you during a show like this is no small feat- way to go Jacob!

Although I'll admit this was a little strange, and we were left wondering what was the plot or meaning, we really really enjoyed the acrobatics. Next time in Vegas, or next time a traveling show comes to Phoenix, we'll definitely go!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Las Vegas Getaway: Serendipity 3

When I was 18 years-old the movie Serendipty came to theaters. I have never been a huge movie person, but I went to see this one in theaters on my poor freshman budget- a serious splurge at the time. There was instant love, perhaps John Cusack, perhaps the girl crush on Kate Beckinsale lingering after Much Ado About Nothing, or maybe just a light-hearted well-written plot won me over. 

A few scenes in the movie take place in front of/inside of the cafe Serendipity 3 surrounding their famous frozen hot chocolate. My youthful foodie soul was spoken to, and I made it a bucket-list item of mine to go on a date to Serendipty 3 some day in my life. 

I always thought it would be on a trip to NY, but the moment I learned there was one outside Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, I added this to our getaway plans! 
romantic date ideas in las vegas

We went with the original- and our eyes popped when this huge goblet of chocolatey-magic came out! I mean 20 different kinds of chocolate go into this thing, and wow, you could tell!
romantic date idea

romantic date idea

romantic date idea

We were skeptical that we'd be able to finish, but low and behold, it only took a few minutes of sipping with some discussion on fate and serendipity thrown in, and we had cleaned the bowl/glass/goblet thingy.
romantic date idea, las vegas date idea

My 18-year old self would be so happy to know that this would not only happen in my lifetime, but happen with one awesome husband to share the date with. 
romantic date idea


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